Fishing on Helton Creek

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If you haven’t been up here to fish it is one of the best trout fishing streams in North Carolina. Check out the link below for more information.

Fly Fishing at Helton Creek

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Spring is coming to the mountains and stocking of Helton Creek will begin the first Monday in March. It is a great time to come enjoy the stream and the beauty of the mountains. If you haven’t fished Helton Creek, it is one of the premier trout streams in North Carolina. Our cabins are on a ridge above the stream. Come visit us soon.

We have tomatoes in the hoop house

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The tomatoes in the hoop house are about the size of a quarter so we are having to tie them up.  They will grow on a string up to the top of the hoop house so we should have them until October.  Our broccoli is also about to head so we will have broccoli within the next two weeks.  We finally got some rain so the crops are loving it and hopefully will grow faster.  We would like something else besides spinach, lettuce and arugula.  I have to say though it is a much better spring than last year.

Join us for Autumn in the Mountains

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The leaves are just beginning to turn!  This year should produce a spectacular fall.  It will probably be several weeks before we really hit peak so make your reservations if you have not already done so.

Monday is stocking day so all the fly fisherman will be happy.  It’s great weather to come up and spend your days in the creek!

The farm is starting to slow down, many of our crops are through for the season, including our wonderful tomatoes.  We are seeding for our cover crops in anticipation of next year’s bounty.  This year we picked 2 tons of tomatoes, one of our best tomato seasons yet.  Thanks for everyone’s support in buying and enjoying them.

We will have produce through the winter, herbs, kale, collards, spinach, lettuce and whatever else I can get to grow.  We learned a lot last year and hope to have a lot more this year.  Give us a call if you are dying for fresh lettuce in the dead of winter.

Watch our blog and we will post pictures as fall unfolds.

Raspberries are ready

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The tomatoes in field have succumbed to the tomato diseases but we do have those in the hoop house left so we will have more through September.  We now have delicious red raspberries.  We have been irrigating a lot


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If you are not here in the high country you are missing some spectacular weather. The next week will be in the mid 70s and low in the mid 50s. Perfect weather for hiking, biking and canoeing in the New River. Our cabins are available so come spend some of your summer with us. Tomatoes are also starting to ripen so don’t miss out on our fabulous tomatoes!

Spend the Summer in the Cool Mountains

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If you haven’t made a reservation for your summer vacation come stay with us.  The weather is great, 70s during the day and 40s at night.  There are still plenty of fish in the creek, with the last days of catch and release.  June 2nd starts catch and keep so there will be plenty to smoke on the grill.  The swimming hole is warming up so as soon as the temperature warms a cold plunge in the creek will be a favorite summer past time.  Our tomatoes are at least 4 feet tall with plenty of tomatoes.  We should have tomatoes by early June!  Our other crops are doing well and we will soon have yellow or purple cauliflower, beets, onions and plenty of lettuce.

Spring crops

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We are starting to plant our spring crops-  broccoli, kale, orange and purple cauliflower, beets, lettuce, arugula and broccoli raab.  We are also trying a new variety this year, kaleidescope, which is a cross between kale and brussel sprouts.

I am also starting my tomato seeds today.  With this warm winter we are hoping for a warm spring and early tomatoes.  We will have certified organic transplants at the market in May.  If you have any questions about varieties or care send us an email.  Sure is fun to start thinking of tomatoes!


Spring is coming to the mountains

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In two weeks stocking will begin on Helton Creek so grab a line and come stay with us.  We are offering a special, stay 2 nights and get one night free.  The weather has been fairly warm this winter so the fishing is great!  As things begin to warm up the daffodils are blooming and other signs of spring are showing.  It is a great, quiet time to relax in the mountains.

Thanksgiving in the Mountains

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Helton Creek is stocked with plenty of fish.  The stocking truck was here in October and November so grab your fly rod and come stay with us.  If the creek doesn’t freeze fishing stays good through the winter.

The farm is slowing down but we will have veggies through the winter.  Our high tunnels are producing kale, lettuce, beets, carrots, bok choy and mustard greens.  We deliver in the winter so if you are interested let us know.  We will also have certified organic satsumas, oranges, kumquats, grapefruits and lemons beginning the week of Thanksgiving.  We buy them from a farmer in Louisiana and they are wonderful.  His farm is on the Mississippi River south of New Orleans.  Call us if you’d like to preorder some.