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Farmers Market A busy day at the market in Boone.

Tomatoes are coming in!

Posted in Uncategorized on July 16th, 2009 by Sally

Our tomatoes are finally starting to come in.  I have picked about 40 pounds this week.  They went fast at the farmer’s market on Wednesday.  We have a few cherokee purples and black prince.  The mortgage lifers are also doing well.    The Mortgage Lifter tomato was developed in the early 1930’s in Logan, West Virginia by a radiator repairman, M.C. “Radiator Charlie” Byles. Without any experience in breeding, he made a successful cross of four of the largest tomatoes he could find – German Johnson, Beefsteak, an Italian variety, and an English variety. Radiator Charlie sold the first seedlings of his new tomato in the 1940’s for one dollar each to customers who drove up to 200 miles for his famous plants that bore tasty tomatoes averaging two and a half pounds. With these sales, Charlie managed to pay off his $6,000 mortgage in only six years, and so the tomato was named Mortgage Lifter.

I’ll keep you posted on the tomatoes progress.  Our potato crop has done poorly due to all the rain.  We will have a new crop of broccoli and cauliflower soon however.  The deer ate about 300 heads of lettuce so we have a new electric fence.  It has definitely been a challenging year.