We Woke up to Sunshine!

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For the first time in about 2 months we have sun instead of fog or rain.  We also have cool fall weather so if you want to see the beautiful fall colors now is the time to come.  The leaves are already starting to turn.  Looks like it may be an early fall.

This week we will begin construction of our hoop house and should have it planted by next weekend.  If you are interested in veggies through the winter let us know.  We will have lettuce, spinach, carrots, beets, arugula, chard and collards.  Since it is our first try we hope it all comes together and it isn’t the snowiest or coldest winter on record.

We’re Mildewing!

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We have now had rain and fog for 6 days, not  sure what the night sky looks like now.  Luckily our fall crops like this kind of weather.  The snow peas are blooming and should be ready this week.  The spinach lettuce and broccoli are all growing well. We picked carrots and beets for the market this week. Yum!

Progress on the greenhouse has stopped due to the weather, although we did get the concrete poured.  We will start on our hoop house this week if the rain subsides as forecast.  Hopefully it will be ready to plant sometime by the end of next week.  We are looking forward to greens through the winter.

Stay tuned for progress reports on the greenhouse and hoop house.  I know where I’m spending my winter.

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The greenhouse!

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fall on the ridge top

Fall at the farm

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We did manage to mostly miss the blight with our tomatoes. For all of you who did get blight please be sure to burn or bury your plants to spare us all next year. Our tomato crop wasn’t as large as previous years but at least we had some.

Now it’s time for all of our fall crops. We have purple and cheddar cauliflower this year, it is beautiful and tasty! We also have broccoli, spinach, arugula, winter squash and lettuce. In a few weeks we will also have carrots and beets. We plan to grow through the winter so if you are interested in some winter vegetables let us know. The weather today feels like fall so it’s time to start taking down our summer crops and planting our cover crops for the winter.

Joe started work on our greenhouse. He had to dig the footer this week and hopefully the concrete will go in this week with our beautiful dry weather.