The tomatoes are growing!

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And here is the greenhouse

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Fly Fishing on Helton is Great

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Just wanted to let you fisherman know, the fly fishing is great right now.  Several fisherman have stopped to tell us they have been catching a lot of nice size fish.  Stocking was done on Monday so there are plenty for everyone.  The snow is finally melting so come stay with us as we have a half mile on the creek.  See you soon.

The Greenhouse if Finished!

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Despite the record breaking cold and snow Joe has managed to finish the greenhouse.  I planted my first tomato seeds and I’m just waiting for them to come up.  It is really exciting to be able to start my own seeds, not ship them off to another grower.  We plan to plant tomatoes in the hoop house in mid April which should provide tomatoes around mid June.  I can’t wait for the first bite of a Cherokee purple.  We grow only heirloom varieties which are those that have been saved and passed down for generations.  They are harder to grow but are not bred for size and shippability.  They taste like a real tomato.

Our hoop house crops are growing well.  We’re enjoying spinach, lettuce and some greens.  The onion and chard are coming along as are the carrots and beets.  With our limited sun this year, I’m surprised anything is growing.  We are expecting 50s this weekend so I think things will really take off.