The Wonders of Tomatoes

Posted in Uncategorized on July 27th, 2010 by Sally

If I could grow just one thing I think it would be tomatoes.  It is really fun to pick each individual tomato and inspect it for its beauty.  Today I picked 100 pounds of tomatoes and there are still plenty more to come.  We have gotten very little rain so the plants are very healthy.  Some of our new varieties are starting to ripen such as the Zapotec pleated, Earl of Edgecomb, Paul Robeson and Box Car Willie.  I am always interested in our new trials to see if we can find anything we like as well as the standards, yellow and red brandywine and Cherokee purple.  So fare mule team seems to be a good little red tomato and the Zapotecs are beautifully fluted.  Come by and check out our varieties.