May has been a busy month

Posted in Uncategorized on June 12th, 2011 by Sally

May is the time we get all crops in the ground so we have been working non stop to get that done.  Of course in the middle of it all it quit raining so we have had to set up all of our irrigation.

Today we tasted our first tomato, a Hawaiian current which is a very small, raisin size tomato.  It was really good though, surprising!  Had a lot of tomato taste for such a small fruit.

We have planted about 1000 tomato plants and sold another 1000 so my greenhouse is empty.   We have a lot of interesting varieties this year so expect some new types of tomatoes at the market this year.  Looks like we will have tomatoes in about 2 to 3 weeks.  Our new hoop house works great as the sides roll up so we are better able to regulate the temperature.

Right now we have sweet sugar snap peas, lots of them!  Our squash is just beginning to ripen and we have plenty of romaine lettuce.

If you’d like to rent a cabin it is a great time to come.  The temperatures are a little warm for this time of year but the nights cool off to the 50s.  For the next several weeks it looks like it will be cooler with the upper 40s several nights.  The black raspberries will be coming in soon so book your reservation and come just us for all the summer fun in the mountains.