Tomatoes are in; Puppy doing well

Posted in Uncategorized on July 24th, 2011 by Sally

We took in a stray dog Bill, several months ago and unfortunately Bill got run over by a car as he was prone to chase cars.  Within 2 days of his death we saw ground hogs, rabbits and deer.  Bill had kept all those things away, which resulted in lettuce for the first time in many year.  As a result we decide to get another dog, even though we didn’t want the responsibility.  We got a Norwegian Elk Hound named Tag.  Although he doesn’t hunt yet he is well on the way to learning and is fun to have around.

Our tomatoes are doing well.  The new hoop house is producing, about 70 pounds per day which is exciting.  The outside tomatoes are just starting to come in, we are picking about 120 pounds of those a day.  It is amazing the difference in the two tomatoes as those in the hoop house are much larger and better formed.  Guess we’ll just have to keep adding hoop houses.