Join us for Autumn in the Mountains

The leaves are just beginning to turn!  This year should produce a spectacular fall.  It will probably be several weeks before we really hit peak so make your reservations if you have not already done so.

Monday is stocking day so all the fly fisherman will be happy.  It’s great weather to come up and spend your days in the creek!

The farm is starting to slow down, many of our crops are through for the season, including our wonderful tomatoes.  We are seeding for our cover crops in anticipation of next year’s bounty.  This year we picked 2 tons of tomatoes, one of our best tomato seasons yet.  Thanks for everyone’s support in buying and enjoying them.

We will have produce through the winter, herbs, kale, collards, spinach, lettuce and whatever else I can get to grow.  We learned a lot last year and hope to have a lot more this year.  Give us a call if you are dying for fresh lettuce in the dead of winter.

Watch our blog and we will post pictures as fall unfolds.

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